We asked Colonial to rebid the Sarasota Military Academy project in mid-January 2013 since the hollowcore manufacturer that we originally awarded the contract to could not meet the aggressive construction schedule.

Although Colonial was close to production capacity at the time, they agreed to the construction schedule. We awarded Colonial the project weeks after site work had started.

Colonial had sign and sealed shop drawings in one week. The level of detail in the shop drawings helped expedite approval by the Design Professionals. Colonial fabricated hollowcore immediately after approval and made the first installation date of mid-March 2013. Subsequently Colonial made every single installation date and even used their own crane to fly the precast stairs manufactured by another company. Colonial was first on site March 11th and completed our 37,000sf of hollow core installation and grouting of the keyways by May 6 thus helping The Starling Group keep the project on schedule.


Fred M. Starling, President Fred M. Starling Inc.






We awarded Colonial Phase 1 of Vacation Village Building # 21 in September of 2012. Due to excellent unit sales, WPC was released by the owner to begin Phase 2 in December of 2012. At first we thought the square footage of hollowcore required to set both buildings concurrently would be too much for Colonial. After meeting with Colonial’s COO and their Vice President of Field Operations we decided to award Colonial Phase 2 as well. Colonial never missed a set date. They worked through the Holidays and never delayed the project once.

Colonial was also very helpful during the value engineering of the Campbell Landings ALF Project in St. Petersburg. Colonial delivered the 10” hollowcore and the precast stairs for this project without a hitch. In fact both Vacation Village phases and Campbell Landings were erecting at the same time during the spring of 2013.

WPC was so impressed with Colonials quality products and their commitment to the project schedules, that we recently awarded them both phases for Vacation Village Building # 20. This project will be completed by the winter of 2014.


Paul Caruana, Project Executive Winter Park Construction




Over the past three years C3P has supplied and installed the hollow core precast plank for the 35,000 square foot buildings that I have been assigned to construct. I have depended on C3P to be on time on every floor of every building with the hollow core set and they have not only done a great job doing this but they have also worked Saturdays to make up days lost by other venders to get us back on track when needed.

C3P is without a doubt a real team player for many reasons. One example is that they have allowed us to fly items for other trades when their crane is on site. They also use their crane to set red iron steel and precast plank on the same day to save time on the schedule.

In short C3P has always hit their scheduled date and is ready every time with the material and man power.  This is a vender who can always be counted on by the builder!


Tom Pell, Senior Construction Manager WCI Communities