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Learn the Advantages of Hollowcore

There are many advantages to using prestressed hollowcore planks and precast concrete stair systems. The crew at Colonial Precast Concrete LLC will safely and quickly install your hollowcore planks with no forming, shoring, or reshoring.
Hollowcore allows for a faster installation. When we arrive at your construction site, hollowcore planks are ready to be installed. This allows for the next phase of your project to begin immediately. 

A Cost-Effective Concrete Option

The ease of using hollowcore means fewer man-hours to install decks and minimal onsite rebar fabrication. The plant controlled production of hollowcore assures better quality and the overall consistency of the concrete itself. Hollowcore requires lower maintenance and has saved owners millions in insurance premiums. 

A Truly Versatile Material

  • Block, steel, and / or concrete framing bearing
  • Cantilevers and long spans
  • Steel hangers

Lightweight Design Capable of Heavy Loading

Hollowcore is a lightweight structure that can handle heavy loads. Hollowcore is typically used in low and mid-rise buildings. However, it has been used in 30 story hotels in Las Vegas. Our prestressed planks are cut to order in any shape or mechanical specifications that you need.

Fire-Resistant and Soundproof

Our hollowcore concrete is available with 1 through 4-hour fire ratings. The dense composition gives the material a high sound transmission class rating as well.
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