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Meet the Team at Colonial Precast Concrete LLC

Count on our experienced professionals for the most innovative and cost-effective prestressed / precast concrete solutions.

Ron Heilbron, PE MBA: CEO and President

Ron is a structural engineer with over two decades of experience in the prestress and precast industry. He is very active in the industry — currently involved with ACI, PCI, and local building officials and code compliance officers. Ron is a registered structural engineer in Florida, Georgia, Texas, and Colorado.

He joined Colonial Precast Concrete LLC in the fall of 2011. As the CEO, he has brought the company back to the forefront of hollowcore producers in the Southeast and transformed the company from the ground up.
In his own words, "No one wants to spend the money for engineering, but do not kid yourself, only if it is drawn right, will it be produced right."

Warren Chandler: COO and Executive Vice President

Warren began his career in the construction industry in 1978. He started as a laborer for one of the largest general contractors in Connecticut, remained with them for 26 years, and was eventually promoted to General Superintendent.
Warren relocated to Florida in 2004, became a general contractor, and ran his own construction business until 2008, when he joined Colonial Precast Concrete LLC. He now oversees the scheduling and erecting of the precast product.
Warren is the state qualifier for Colonial Precast Concrete LLC and is licensed in Mississippi and Louisiana. He has his OSHA 30. He is qualified in construction safety and health and is also a certified advanced rigger.

John Hallman: Vice President of Sales Estimating

John came to Florida in 1999 and as National Sales Director, he successfully helped a local pharmaceutical company gain national recognition and distribution. His years in sales management, plus a decade of experience in construction offered a unique opportunity at Colonial Precast Concrete LLC. John joined the team in 2007 to implement a new quality control program and assist in sales and estimating. He successfully helped the company obtain its PCI certification while acquiring his PCI Level I and II certifications as well.
His no-nonsense, honest, and customer-first-oriented approach has helped in building the company's success and reputation as a key hollowcore manufacturer. In John’s own words, "There is no such thing as a disposable customer."

Wayne Filyaw: Health and Safety Director and Quality Control Manager

Wayne joined Colonial Precast Concrete LLC in early 2012 as a project manager with our field operations department. He has a strong background in geotechnical engineering, aggregate mining, and material testing. Before joining Colonial Precast Concrete LLC, he worked with our local municipal government in their engineering department and construction management division.
Wayne has managed different departments at Colonial Precast Concrete LLC and is currently our health and safety director as well as our quality control manager. Wayne is ACI, PCI Level I and II, and OSHA 30 certified.

Ellie Nedweden: Logistics

Ellie came to Colonial Precast Concrete LLC with 7 years of experience as a logistics coordinator and a yard controller for a worldwide trucking and distributing company.
Here at Colonial Precast Concrete LLC, she is in charge of all trucking and load lists. It is common for us to have several job settings per day at different locations around the state and with as many as 30 loads shipping per day. Some loads require permitting; others require escorts and some of the long haul loads require overnight planning due to FDOT regulations. Ellie closely coordinates all these with our transportation partners, as well as all our trips for our two Link-Belt cranes.

Bill Holske: NCCCO

Bill has more than three decades of experience in commercial and residential construction. He moved to Florida in 1998 to start his own precast installation business. His company erected structural floor members and architectural precast panels throughout the Southeastern U.S. using their own in-house Link-Belt crane. As a subcontractor for Colonial Precast Concrete LLC, Bill set over 5 million square feet of hollowcore from 2004 through 2011 when he officially joined our team.
He is an NCCCO-certified crane operator, a certified rigger, and a certified forklift operator. He is OSHA 10 and 30 and certified for CPR as well as first aid. His safety enforcement skills make him a positive influence and a role model for our staff members.

Mike Lewis: Production Manager

Mike has been with colonial since 1996. He has over 20 years of experience in the prestressed precast industry. Throughout his career, Mike has produced over 20 million square feet of wall panels, hollowcore slabs, and solid prestressed slabs.
Mike can operate any equipment in our yard, thus he can fill any position at any given time. A true hands-on production manager.

Carol Nedweden: Accounts Receivable / Accounts Payable

Carol joined us in the fall of 2015. Carol relocated from Connecticut, where for 23 years she worked for one of the largest shipping companies in the business. Not only was Carol trained as a great bookkeeper with her previous employer, she brings their corporate culture of complete customer satisfaction along with her. She will be a perfect fit at Colonial where we strive for customer satisfaction and repeat business.
At Colonial Precast Concrete, Carol will handle Accountants Receivables, collections and liens. Carol will also be assisting the CEO and COO in their daily activities.

Manuel Ruiz: Batch Plant Manager

Manuel began his concrete career back in 1996 working in the quality control lab of a ready mix company with 22 plants all around Puerto Rico. Years later he was hired by ESSROC San Juan part of Italcementy Group as Area Manager of Technical Services, where he got the chance to work with concrete producers in PR as well as all around the Caribbean in special projects, mix designs, plant management and SCC.

Manuel moved to Florida in 2017 to become part of our family. With his expertise, we will keep our hollowcore and precast production lines at the forefront with innovative and environmentally friendly concrete batching.
Our staff can assist you with all your project requirements.
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We will be happy to provide you with preconstruction services as well as project bids. 
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