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We Build for the Future

Meet Our Team 


Ron Heilbron, PE MBA:

CEO and President

Ron is a structural engineer with over three decades of experience in the prestress and precast industry. Ron is a registered structural engineer in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Texas, and Colorado.


He joined Colonial Precast Concrete LLC in 2011. As CEO, he has brought the company back to the forefront of hollowcore producers in the Southeast and transformed the company from the ground up.

Morelys Diaz :

Chief Financial Officer

Upon graduation from the University of Puerto Rico with a Bachelor's Degree in accounting. Morelys began working as an auditor for the Department of Treasury in Puerto Rico. She joined Colonial in 2017 and developed our in-house payroll department, restructured our HR department, and was instrumental in updating our accounting and estimating software. 

Warren Chandler: 

Executive VP

Warren began his career in the construction industry in 1978. He started as a laborer for one of the largest general contractors in Connecticut, remained with them for 26 years, and was eventually promoted to General Superintendent.

Warren is the state qualifier for Colonial Precast Concrete LLC. 

Edgar Heilbron :
Purchasing Manager

Edgar has over 30 years of experience in purchasing and warranty claims. At Colonial, he handles all procurements from raw materials for our concrete products to parts for all our equipment, as well as handling new equipment purchases. 

Sales Department

John Hallman IV:

Vice President of Sales Estimating

John was the National Sales Director for a large pharmaceutical company before joining Colonial in 2007. He helped Colonial obtain its PCI certification while acquiring his PCI Level I and II certifications as well.


His no-nonsense, honest, and customer-first-oriented approach has helped in building the company's success and reputation as a key hollowcore manufacturer. In John’s own words, "There is no such thing as a disposable customer."

Ross Carpenter :

Senior Estimator

Ross started working for Colonial in 2003 as a CDL driver. An opportunity to join our sales team became available and Ross made a career change that ultimately led to his current position as Senior Estimator.


In 2021, Ross was asked to take over our  trucking and logistics department on top of his current duties.  

Production Deparmtent

Don Boudreau: 

VP of Manufacturing 

Don started his precast concrete career in 1996 working for the largest precast/prestressed poles/utility producer in Florida. Don was instrumental in growing their structure division to include total precast parking decks and hollowware planks.


Don moved to the west coast of Florida in 2018 as Colonial's plant manager. Don has since been promoted to VP of Manufacturing.  Where he manages over 60 employees across all departments. 

Dardo Ortiz :
Electrical Engineer 

Dardo joined Colonial in 2011. He is solely responsible for the maintenance of our Elematic Equipment. His background as an electrical engineer has been very valuable with all the automation in our batch plant as well. 

Mike Lewis:

Production Manager

Mike has been with Colonial since 1996. Throughout his career, Mike has produced over 20 million square feet of wall panels, hollowcore slabs, and solid prestressed slabs.


Mike can operate any equipment in our yard, thus he can fill any position at any given time. A true hands-on production manager.

Polo Santa:
Master Mechanic

Polo joined Colonial in 2016 as our Master Mechanic. He is responsible for the maintenance on our Mi-Jacks, Tuckerbilts, Forklifts and our fleet of Mack Trucks. 

Quality Assurance Department

Wayne Filyaw:

Safety Director & Quality Assurance Director

Wayne joined Colonial Precast Concrete in 2011 as a project manager with our field operations department. He has a strong background in geotechnical engineering, aggregate mining, and material testing. Before joining Colonial Precast Concrete LLC, he worked with our local municipal government in their engineering department and construction management division.


Wayne has managed different departments at Colonial Precast Concrete and is currently our safety director as well as our quality assurance director. Wayne is ACI, PCI Level I, II, and III and OSHA 30 certified.

Giovanni Velazquez:
Quality Control 

Giovanni has been in the concrete industry for over 20 years. He is an ACI Concrete Field Testing Technician and has his PCI Level I and II certification. 

Field Operations/ Engineering Department 

Jeremy Bermudez :


Jeremy has 6 years of experience in the field of Prestressed Precast Concrete drafting and design. He has designed projects with Hollowcore slabs, double tees, precast stairs, wall panels, and columns. He has an Autodesk certification and ACI level I. 


He started working at Colonial in 2020,  as an AutoCAD technician. His role currently at Colonial is to design and check the layout of each project assigned to him and work with the project engineer to compile submittals, and production drawings. 

Wyatt Chandler:

Field Operations Manager

Wyatt started working for Colonial Precast during his junior year of high school. He began his career in our engineering department as an AutoCAD technician. 

Since then Wyatt has filled many different roles at Colonial Precast. He has helped out in sales, spent some time on an erection crew, and even managed the batch plant for 2 years. He is currently our Field Manager.

Learn the Advantages of Hollowcore

There are many advantages to using prestressed hollowcore planks and precast concrete stair systems. We can safely and quickly install your hollowcore planks with no forming, shoring, or restoring. Hollowcore allows for a faster installation. When we arrive at your construction site, hollowcore planks are ready to be installed. 

A Cost-Effective Concrete Option

The ease of utilizing hollowcore means fewer man-hours to install decks and minimal onsite rebar fabrication. The plant-controlled production of hollowcore assures better quality and the overall consistency of the concrete itself. Hollowcore requires lower maintenance and has saved owners millions in insurance premiums. 

A Truly Versatile Material

  • Block, steel, and / or concrete framing bearing

  • Cantilevers and long spans

  • Steel hangers

Lightweight Design Capable of Heavy Loading

Hollowcore is a lightweight structure that can handle heavy loads. Hollowcore is typically used in low and mid-rise buildings. However, it has been used in a 30 story hotels in Las Vegas.

Fire-Resistant and Soundproof

Our hollowcore slabs have an inherent 1-hour fire rating. Available fire rating up to 4 hours through special design and lightweight aggregates. The dense composition gives the material a high sound transmission class rating as well.

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