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We Build Projects That Last

Our Current Projects

Marina Club Apartments - St.Petersburg, FL

Joint venture with Dura-Stress 

385,000 sqft of long span 10" inch Hollowcore

Experience Living (IL Building) - Cape Coral, FL

Client: Core Construction Of SW Florida

75,000 sqft of 10" inch Hollowcore, 104,000 sqft of 8" inch Hollowcore, and 10,000 sqft of 6" inch Hollowcore

Our Completed Projects

W.D. Suggs Middle School - Bradenton FL

Client: Willis Smith Construction

45,325 sqft of 12" inch Hollowware

Completion Date: January 2022 

Lofts on Lemon Apartments -Sarasota, FL

Client: JWR Construction Services

141,500 sqft of 8" inch Hollowcore

Completion Date: August 2022